“PopPlaces brings quality customers and events”

Next stop … Mark Ferris, one of our beloved owners. There’s no doubt his space has a unique and very special atmosphere, that’s why we like it so much.

Ready to meet him?


Studio situated in the heart of Barcelona

Owner – Mark Ferris

Type of space – Space for events

Main use – Corporate Event and Pop-up store

Surface area – 450 m2

Facilities – Lighting, wifi, w.c. , At street level and driveway



What was the reason you published your space to PopPlaces?

I was looking for a platform to publish the place and they told me about you. It was time to show everyone this amazing space!

Is it easy to manage your space with PopPlaces? Would you recommend it?

I’m really happy with PopPlaces, also after meeting the whole team – if I do not know them all already. It’s a super good match for me.

Is it the first time you publish your space on a platform of this type?

Yes. There are people who find the space through the website, recommendations, friends of friends … but what has really worked for me is PopPlaces.

How was your first contact with PopPlaces? If you had to rate it from 1 to 10 what score would you give?

I remember my first request was offline. I like to talk face to face and see the answer in people’s faces. We are talking about technology that works well, but sometimes you want to know if everything is well uploaded on the web, talk a little about the price … I certainly looked for a more personal treatment.

How many customers does PopPlaces provide you?

Right now it gives me 80% of what I’m moving.

What I’m really looking for -and PopPlaces brings me- is the kind of customer who wants to make a quality event, named after and inspired by the site. I like the fact that PopPlaces brings me clients according to this philosophy.

For example, with PopPlaces I host the first automotive customer I had. And the event was more than great!


What would you say to the customer who sees you on PopPlaces to rent your space?

First of all the location – two blocks of the Sagrada Familia. When you enter the parking lot, the first view is of the Sagrada Familia, and many people stand there! It is a central location but at the same time you are in a small village where we help each other. Basically when you go in, we’ll take care of you. It is unique, and when you are inside, the space tells its own story.



What a pleasure to meet Mark and get to know how our owners feel to improve our service day after day!

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